Our People

Our employees are the soul of our company,
you can read more about them here...

Angela Strike Legal Clerk
Carly Foxton Legal Clerk and Prison Law Legal Representative
Charles Rowell Trainee Solicitor Apprentice
Charlotte Davison Trainee Solicitor Apprentice
Christine Sworder Police Station Representative
Daniel Bury Trainee Solicitor Apprentice
David Dedman Senior Solicitor
Elizabeth Park Trainee Solicitor
Ellie Boyd Solicitor
Ellie Tweddle Solicitor Apprentice
Eric Watson Head of Crown Court Department
Faye McGreevy Legal Clerk
Jackie Howard Conveyancing Executive
Jade Allen Trainee Solicitor
James Pritchard Senior Solicitor
James Watson Chairman and Head of Special Case Work
Jessica Harrison Trainee Solicitor
Joanne Grainger Police Station Representitive
Joe Watson Solicitor and Director
Julietta Nattrass Senior Solicitor
Kaitlin Whelan Accredited Mental Health Solicitor
Karinah Ishtiaq Trainee Solicitor
Katie Gibson Trainee Licensed Conveyancer
Kelleigh Jane Lodge Solicitor Advocate
Kirsty Nelson Senior Solicitor and Head of Family Law
Lana Kasagic Trainee Solicitor Apprentice
Leah Plews Trainee Solicitor Apprentice
Lewis Austin Trainee Solicitor Apprentice
Lois Hepworth Trainee Solicitor
Michele Turner Solicitor Advocate
Mirelojo Alva Amadi-Emina Trainee Solicitor Apprentice
Molly Hewitson Trainee Solicitor Apprentice
Neil Douglas Solicitor and Director
Niamh O’Brien Trainee Solicitor
Nicole Gibson Trainee Solicitor Apprentice
Olivia Bell Talent Acquisition Partner
Paul Henderson Civil Litigation Solicitor
Peter Lewis Accredited Mental Health Solicitor
Rachel Jamieson Accredited Mental Health Specialist
Richard Rutter Licensed Conveyancer
Sarah Ann Magson Solicitor and Head of Civil Litigation
Sarah Turner Legal Executive
Sean Grainger Director and Head of Crime department
Sophie Kendall Solicitor Apprentice
Walid Nane Trainee Solicitor

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