Murder and Manslaughter

Murder and Manslaughter

At Watson Woodhouse we have a team of specialist solicitors who are ready to defend clients facing charges of murder and manslaughter. Murder is the only offence attracting a mandatory life sentence and we’ve represented over 100 clients facing such charges over the last 25 years. Should you be facing the stressful charges mentioned, do not delay in contacting us.

Murder & Manslaughter Defence Solicitors

Experience shows typically these cases are lengthy and deeply stressful for all parties. Being investigated or prosecuted for murder, conspiracy to murder, manslaughter or corporate manslaughter is a very serious matter. In this instance you’ll require the most dedicated, experienced and professional criminal defence team available. Our solicitors will ensure your best interests are fully represented from the point of arrest right the way through to the outcome.

If you’re facing allegations or charges related to murder or manslaughter, it’s imperative you get in touch as soon as possible. If you’re unable to make contact directly we can work via third party instruction. The sooner we hear from you, a family member or friend, the faster we can begin building your defence. We want to ensure you receive the most relevant and timely advice possible.

I’ve Instructed Another Firm

If you have instructed a different firm of solicitors and would like to switch to Watson Woodhouse this is absolutely no problem. In this instance we will advise on transferring cases in order to move forwards in the most effective way possible. The most important thing is having the right team working for you.

Why use a solicitor?

  • Murder and manslaughter allegations and charges are often complex requiring the knowledge and expertise of a specialist solicitor
  • Without a solicitor you would have no representation in court thus leaving you highly vulnerable
  • A solicitor will receive certain disclosure that’s unavailable to you


Why Watson Woodhouse?

  • Our specialist criminal defence solicitors have a vast amount of experience in defending both murder and manslaughter allegations
  • We always have your best interests as our main priority whilst providing full transparency throughout
  • We are on your side


We are here to help

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Why use a solicitor?

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