Gymnastics Abuse Claims

Gymnastics Abuse Claims

When parents sent their children to gymnastics classes, they expected the coaching sessions to be in a safe and protected space. If you were a child who survived abuse at the hands of your coach, or an employee of the gymnastic club, our team are on hand to help.

It takes courage to report historic or current gymnastic abuse. If you or a member of your family has experienced abuse, our specialist compensation lawyers can answer your questions on making a report and claim.

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Gymnastic Abuse Compensation Claims

Legal action against British Gymnastics has brought to the fore what some gymnasts have been saying for years; abuse and exploitation is rife in the sport. Many victims of gymnastic abuse say medals trumped welfare, leading in some cases to lasting physical or psychological damage to children and young persons in sport where gymnasts should have felt supported and safeguarded.

Gymnastic abuse takes many forms, with some forms of abuse not as obvious as others, including:

  • Physical abuse
  • Abusive training techniques
  • Inappropriate weight management comments and practices
  • Pressure to train whilst injured
  • Lack of supervision

It isn’t just gymnasts who have suffered in the name of sport, but gymnasts are helping lead the way to enable other sports survivors to report their abuse at the hands of coaches and clubs.

Gymnastic Abuse

Gymnastics abuse can also result in:

  • Long term physical injuries through being forced to train whilst medically unfit to do so
  • Low self-esteem, depression and anxiety
  • Body dysmorphia
  • Eating disorders through body shaming as a weight management technique
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder impacting on mental health, career and life choices

Sports Coach Abuse

In 2020 the Whyte Review was commissioned by UK Sport and Sport England to look into British Gymnastics, the sport’s national governing body.

A group action for compensation was launched by survivors of gymnastic abuse. With successful compensation claims being processed, more young gymnasts and former gymnasts are coming forward for help and advice.

Claiming Compensation for Gymnastic Abuse

 If you have experienced abuse by your gymnastic coach, or sports coach, we can talk to you about the option of starting a civil claim for compensation and what will be involved in the proceedings.

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Why use a solicitor?

  • Abuse cases including those occurring at Medomsley are complex and require the proficiency a solicitor will bring to a case. 
  • Working with a solicitor means victims have the choice to be present in court. 
  • A solicitor communicates with all parties involved on behalf of the victim.
  • Solicitors ensure full confidentiality of every case.

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  • If successful in application we ensure you retain 100% of the damages awarded by deducting nothing from an award. 
  • We will not deduct any success fee from your award, to ensure  you retain 100% of your damages awarded. 

We are here to help

We are here to help.

Call us for a confidential consultation with a specialist solicitor today on 01642 247656 or on our 24/7 Emergency Helpline 01642 917175

Why use a solicitor?

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