The most common example of producing a controlled drug is the growing, or cultivation, of cannabis. At Watson Woodhouse we have a team of specialist solicitors available to help. Get in touch with our experts today.

In terms of representation, it’s important you contact us quickly. Cannabis cultivation can lead to a custodial sentence and even orders of deprivation for assets and money, should they be deemed as proceeds of crime. The extent to which the prosecution can prove your involvement must be robustly analysed. There may be a lack of evidence proving the offence or an inaccurate drug valuation. Quite often police apply an unrealistically high value resulting in a significant sentence impact. Fast access to case papers allows us to find such weaknesses whilst instructing our own drug valuation experts where necessary.

Cultivation Sentences

Accusations of cultivation carry the sentence of up to life imprisonment. Growing of cannabis plants can result in 14 years.

Minimum Sentences for Cultivating

  • Class A Drug: Community order
  • Class B Drug: Discharge
  • Class C Drug: Discharge

Maximum Sentences for Cultivating

  • Class A Drug: Life Imprisonment and/or Unlimited Fine
  • Class B Drug: 14 Years Imprisonment and/or Unlimited Fine
  • Class C Drug: 14 Years Imprisonment and/or Unlimited Fine

In determining sentences, the court considers a number of factors including your role in drug production. If considered significant  a more severe penalty will be imposed. Our expert criminal defence solicitors will argue your case to reduce blame and achieve the best possible outcome.

Why use a solicitor?

  • Investigations can involve powerful organisations which cannot be challenged without a solicitor
  • Your defence is jeopardised without 
  • A solicitor will represent you in court if required

Why Watson Woodhouse?

  • Our expert solicitors have vast experience in defending drug allegations
  • You are our main priority & we’ll achieve the best possible outcome
  • We will provide realistic expectations on the likely outcome

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