Account Freezing Orders

Account Freezing Orders

Are your bank accounts frozen? Do you believe you are under investigation?

If so, then the team at Watson Woodhouse may be able to apply for access to your funds for key expenses and appeal the freezing order.  Either way, we’ll be able to represent you wherever you are based and we understand…

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What is an Account Freezing Order?

An Account Freezing Order is used in investigations to target cash being held in bank accounts or building societies, which may be believed to be intended for use in unlawful conduct. Account Freezing Orders are the latest tactic used by authorities to fight fraud and organised crime. If your account has been frozen, your bills and standing orders will be stopped.

If you or your business has been served with a freezing order, you will need expert legal advice and representation.

What Is The Difference Between Account Freezing Orders and Account Forfeiture Orders?

While an Account Freezing Order stops you from using the bank account(s) listed on the order, an Account Forfeiture Order is an order to take the money in the bank account.

To be served an Account Forfeiture Order, an investigation will have taken place and the relevant enforcement agency will be satisfied the funds are the result of a crime. You will be given a 30-day notice, during which you can raise any objections that the order should be set aside.

How Can I Pay For Living, Business and Legal Expenses?

If you have been served with an Account Freezing Order, you can make an application to the Magistrates Court to vary the terms of the order to assist you in meeting expenses, such as reasonable living expenses, legitimate business expenditures and paying for your legal advice.

How Long Can The Account Freezing Order Be In Place?

If the Account Freezing Order was made by the court, the order will contain the length of time. It cannot exceed two years from the date the order was made.

How Watson Woodhouse Can Help

We are here to help and can provide legal advice on:

  • Applying to remove a freezing order
  • Freezing Order defence
  • Varying the terms of a Freezing Order
  • Freezing Order costs
  • Practical assistance if you have been served with a Freezing Order
  • Advising any third parties who might be caught up in the Freezing Order process

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What Will Happen If I Do Not Comply With An Account Freezing Order?

It is important to obtain legal advice if you are unsure how to comply with the order, as these orders are accompanied by a penal order. A penal order is a warning that failure to comply could be punishable by imprisonment or contempt of court.

Do I have to pay for legal representation?

There is no legal aid available for Account Freezing Orders. However, your order can be varied so that your legal expenses can be recovered out of the frozen funds. An experienced solicitor can advise you on your options and act in your best interest. It is important that you act quickly with AFO and do not wait.

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