Actions against Public Authorities

Actions against Public Authorities

Claims against public authorities is an area of the law Watson Woodhouse Solicitors are highly specialised in. As a member of the public, if you have been mistreated by a Public Authority and would like advice, guidance and representation with regards to making a claim, contact our team today. You’ll receive a free initial consultation.

Public authorities have a duty of care to the masses and when in breach of this through negligence, it becomes possible to claim against them.

Claims Against Public Authorities

Whilst courts remain cautious in awarding damages against public authorities, it’s worthwhile seeking expert advice in the first instance. As specialists in claiming against public authorities, we will investigate conduct and the processes followed should the high standards expected, not have been met. Typical cases we deal with include:

  • Unlawful arrest, detention or false imprisonment
  • Assault and battery
  • Stop and search and personal searches
  • Use of force
  • Misfeasance in a public office
  • Malicious prosecutions
  • Malicious prosecutions
  • Trespass to Land
  • Discrimination
  • Breach of Human rights
  • Judicial Review

Should you identify with any aspects of the above list including complaints against police, expert help is your first port of call.

Public Authority Examples

The process of claiming against public authorities can prove daunting. You may experience delay tactics and over-complications in the hope you’ll give up. As your dedicated solicitor, we’ll be by your side, supporting you throughout. Public authorities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Courts & Tribunal Services
  • Courts and Tribunal Services
  • Crown Prosecution Services
  • Police
  • Social Services
  • Local authorities
  • Housing Associations
  • NHS Bodies & Emergency Services
  • Ministry of Justice & Defence
  • Central Government
  • Immigration Detention Centres
  • Private companies
  • Inquests; death in custody & similar

Funding Claims Against Authorities

It’s important not to be put off by legal costs when claiming against large corporations and institutions. Prior to instruction we’ll undertake an assessment with you including personal finances. A fixed fee is then agreed. If you’re in receipt of benefits or are on a low income, you may qualify for legal aid

Our role is to investigate and discuss your case thoroughly whilst answering any questions and alleviating worry.

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