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Animal Injury Claims/Dog Bite and Attack Claims

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What type of accident or incident can you claim for?

Most people know that a claim can be made if you have suffered an injury following a dog attack. However, there are many other types of animal attacks which you can claim compensation for such as:

  • Dogs (bites and pack attacks)
  • Farmyard livestock (bites, crushed or trampled by cows and sheep etc.)
  • Bulls (gore injuries)
  • Horses (kicked, trampled or thrown from a horse)
  • Exotic animals (spider bites)
  • Wild animal attacks (such as injuries caused by animals in zoos and wildlife parks)
  • Accidents at work, including farms and stables, zoos and wildlife parks (see
  • Fatal incidents

Dog Bite and Attack Claims

One of the most common types of animal injuries is dog bites and attacks. Being attacked or bitten by a dog can be frightening and can leave you seriously physically and psychologically injured. Dog owners are responsible for making sure their dogs are not ‘dangerously out of control’. Unfortunately, not all dog owners are responsible and some people even own breeds of dogs prohibited by the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 (as amended in 1997). The prospects of successfully making a civil claim are increased if the dog has previously acted dangerously, or if you have been attacked or bitten by any of the following prohibited dogs:

  • Pit Bull Terrier
  • Japanese Tosa
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Fila Brasileiro

Who is the claim made against?

If you have been involved in an animal attack and you have suffered an injury but you are unsure who is at fault, our specialist personal injury team can help you claim compensation.

Animal attack claims are usually made against an insurance company that provides cover for that animal, such as pet insurance (for domestic animals), or public liability insurance (for animals in an organisation or company like a farm, zoo or wildlife park). In some instances, where there is no insurance, it may be possible to pursue a personal injury claim against an individual who has the means to pay you compensation.

If the animal attack or dog bite happened while you were at work, your employer should have insurance to cover this type of claim. Therefore, a claim may be made against your employer if they have failed to keep you safe. For further details, see our section on ‘Accidents at Work’.

If you have suffered from injuries following an animal attack which is subject to criminal investigation you may be able to claim compensation under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme. Visit our section on how to make a CICA claim for more details.

What type of injuries can I claim for?

Common injuries can include:

  • Lacerations, cuts and bruises
  • Fractures and ligament damage
  • Scarring
  • Injuries requiring surgical intervention
  • Psychological injuries

What should I do if I have been attacked or bitten by an animal?

We understand that being injured by an animal can be frightening and distressing and you may not be sure what to do. Ultimately, your health and safety comes first. Given the risk of infection and disease following an animal attack, we recommend you seek medical attention.

It is also important that you gather as much information as you can at this stage as it can help strengthen your case. Where possible, we would recommend you take the following steps:

  • Report the attack to the police so that they can investigate the incident to prevent similar attacks from happening again.
  • Where possible, obtain the animal owners’ details, including their names, contact details and details of any pet or animal insurance.
  • Did anyone witness the incident? If so, collect their personal details. as we may wish to contact them to discuss the accident circumstances.
  • Take photographs of where the accident took place.
  • If you are aware of any recordings or footage that may have captured the accident or incident taking place such as CCTV footage, doorbell footage, dash cam or body worn camera footage, request that the footage is retained and ask for a copy.
  • Take photographs of your injuries.
  • If you need medical assistance, keep a record of any treatment you receive.
  • If you were at work when the incident took place, you should report the incident to your employer so that it can be recorded in the ‘accident book’.

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