Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse can come in a variety of forms and can effect both men and women as well as any children that may be involved. It can be verbal, physical or emotional and includes not only physical domestic violence, but also psychological abuse. This can be in the form of threats of physical or sexual violence, harassment either in person or by text message, phone, or via the internet. Also, many people are not aware that domestic abuse can include controlling behaviour by your partner.

Our lawyers understand it can be difficult to come forward after suffering abuse or fearing that you may suffer abuse in the near future from someone close to you. We encourage you to seek help and speak to one of our specialist legal team who can advise you on the best course of action to protect you or any children from further abuse.

Everyone has the right to live without fear for their own or their child’s safety.

There are two orders that the court can make if you are worried about your safety:

    1. Non-molestation Order
      This order can be made against another to prevent them from threatening or harassing you or a relevant child. It can be specific to certain acts or it can be wide reaching to cover a variety of situations.
    2. Occupation Order
      This order has the ability to determine who can live in the family home. It has the ability to force your partner to leave the property. In certain circumstances, a power of arrest can be attached where the person who has the order made against them can be arrested if they breach its terms.
      Following an occupation order being made in your favour, you will be able to feel safe in your own home again.

The court is keen to protect as many individuals who have been victims of domestic abuse as possible. Our expert solicitors will be able to assist and advise on the Orders available to ensure that you are protected from further abuse. We can act urgently and discreetly if your matter is time sensitive.

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Why use a solicitor?

  • Certain legal requirements are involved when acquiring a Non-molestation or Occupation Order.
  • A solicitor will ensure the process is completed correctly and to the required standard.
  • A solicitor will be able to represent you in court if need be.

Why Watson Woodhouse?

  • Our specialist solicitors have a vast amount of experience in dealing with cases of domestic abuse.
  • We will support you throughout this difficult time.
  • We will treat your case with sensitivity, compassion and respect.
  • We will keep you updated on the progress of your case.

We are here to help

If you have been subjected to domestic abuse, contact a member of our compassionate team of solicitors who can help you through this difficult time and discuss your options going forward.

Call us for a confidential consultation with a specialist solicitor today on 01642 247656 or on our 24/7 Emergency Helpline 01642 917175

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