Family Law

Family Law

At Watson Woodhouse we have one of the most powerful teams of family law solicitors in the area. Specialising in child arrangements, divorce, separation, domestic abuse and more, we’ll help get you through your current situation professionally and with empathy. Our considerable team of family law solicitors is composed of highly experienced individuals holding panel accreditation for the area of law they specialise in. For advice, guidance and more information, get in touch now to arrange a free initial consultation.

Family Law Solicitors

At Watson Woodhouse we appreciate how unsettling it can be when needing to seek a family law solicitor. Issues surrounding you and your family can create a negative impact at home and we’re here to minimise this as much as possible. As our client we have your best interests at the forefront of everything we do for you. If you’re going through a divorce, require arrangements for children or have been the victim of domestic violence, we’ll provide the support you need and treat your case with the utmost sensitivity.

We’re Family Law Solicitors you can Trust

During a 30 minute free initial consultation we’ll discuss your current situation to determine if you have a case we can assist you with. Because our family law solicitors have a wide range of expertise, it’s more than likely we’ll be able to help support and progress your case.

If eligible for legal aid we are committed to helping and will provide you with an exceptional service. Should you not qualify, we seek to provide you with competitive rates. These will be openly discussed with you in the first instance so both parties know where they stand. Whilst working with you we’ll keep you up to date on the progress of your case in terms of costs and realistic estimates. No additional fees will be incurred without your approval.

Our family law solicitors will help with everything from pre-nuptual agreements right the way through to helping with change of name deeds. If you require help directly from a family law solicitor, it’s important to get in touch as soon as possible. The quicker we have all the details attached to your case, the faster we can make a difference.


Why use a solicitor?

  • Family law can be complex thus requiring the knowledge of a solicitor
  • A solicitor will be able to represent you in court if necessary
  • A solicitor provides support throughout such difficult times

Why Watson Woodhouse?

  • Our specialist solicitors have a vast amount of experience in dealing with all areas of family law 
  • Throughout your case we’ll keep you informed and updated on the likely timescales of when your family matter will be complete
  • We’ll provide you with realistic expectations of the likely outcome

We are here to help

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need our help in relation to any family matter.

Call us for a free and confidential consultation with a specialist solicitor today on 01642 247656 or on our 24/7 Emergency Helpline 01642 917175

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