Terrorism offences are a complex area of law requiring an expert solicitor to fully defend allegations. At Watson Woodhouse, we have a team of specialists ready to provide assistance across all terrorism types. Due to our national reputation, we have defended clients throughout the country, including London, Birmingham and the North West of England. If you require advice, guidance and representation, please contact us immediately.

Terrorism Offences

We’re able to support individuals with offences under the following:

  • The Terrorism Act 2000
  • The Anti -Terrorism, The Crime and Security Act 2001
  • The Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005
  • The Terrorism Act 2006
  • The Counter Terrorism Act 2008

With a solid, national reputation, we have built practical experience in the defence of terrorism from ISIS style Jihadist offending through to white supremacist cases.

We provide advice on the following terrorism issues and the list is not exhaustive:

Weapons Training: It is an offence to provide instruction or training in the making or use of chemical or biological weapons, firearms or explosives. This carries a maximum sentence of 10 years’ imprisonment.

Hoax Bomb Threats: It’s a criminal offence to make hoax bomb threats to cabin crew while on an aircraft or in the airport. This offence can also include other hoax offences. If airport staff overhear what could be a throwaway comment or joke shared with friends, you could be on the receiving end of a bomb hoax allegation. In this instance you could land in prison and be subject to a County Court Claim for thousands in the airport’s lost revenue.

Terrorism & The Courts

The courts take terrorism offences very seriously and therefore can impose lengthy prison sentences. Our criminal defence solicitors are here to achieve the best possible outcome on your behalf during this distressing time.

Why use a solicitor?

  • The law on terrorism offences is complex
  • A solicitor will explain the law in language you’ll understand
  • A solicitor will represent you in court if required

Why Watson Woodhouse?

  • We have expert knowledge and experience in defending terrorism allegations
  • We’ll handle your case with the utmost care and due diligence
  • We’ll keep you updated on the progress of your case
  • We provide realistic expectations on the likely outcome

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