Criminal Defence Direct

Criminal Defence Direct

Watson Woodhouse deliver a national Legal Services Commission Contract called “Criminal Defence Direct”

Criminal Defence Helpline

We work alongside the Defence Call Centre, ran by the Legal Aid Agency, who route calls concerning the fate of detainees from police stations up and down the country to our CD Direct helpline, to send a real, live solicitor to the police station. We successfully bid and won the tender for this contract, and are proud to be managing only one of two telephone call helplines, delivering this general remote advice for those who have been detained or arrested for summary only offences, in the whole of the country.  

Our CDD service provides those facing criminal charges with such access to ‘legal *advice and assistance’ and fulfils their rights as criminals detained at police stations across the UK, as our justice system requires.

*Advice and assistance: includes general advice, negotiation, seeking the opinion of a barrister, and preparing a written case. It is not available after charge or summons and does not cover representation in court.

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