At Watson Woodhouse we appreciate the financial and psychological impacts of data breaches. As specialists we support clients in data breach claims with compassion, striving to achieve appropriate results. From recovery of personal data, an apology, or the assurance of appropriate reporting to the ICO, we have you covered. If you’ve experienced a GDPR related data breach and require professional advice from no win no fee solicitors, contact us today.

GDPR Breach Impact

Data branches stem from identity theft and sending sensitive medical or personal history. The impact on a person includes financial loss, significant stress, anxiety and a potential specifically diagnosed psychological injury. Our role is to arrange and manage necessary medical examinations and treatments. In addition we’re looking to gain the maximum amount of compensation you deserve. 

Successful Data Breach Claims

Watson Woodhouse works with clients experiencing the following:

  • Inadvertent data loss; hacked or leaked
  • Identity theft, subsequently obtaining credit cards fraudulently
  • Personal data sent to a third party without permission
  • Failure of organisations to maintain up-to-date, accurate information leading to a data breach & financial loss
  • Misused/mishandled personal information
  • Medical records sent to incorrect addresses
  • Court summons served at wrong address
  • Court documents containing sensitive information that compromises client security

Data Protection Breaches

Personal data includes everything from your name and address to medical records, bank details and credit history. Every organisation and company which holds data is responsible for keeping this secure. Data breaches can occur via post, email and publication to websites and social media platforms. 

If your data is handed to an unauthorised individual, this is a breach. Should your website be hacked by cyber criminals, this is a breach. In both instances, you could be able to make a claim.

Through experience, our data breach solicitors understand not all companies, public authorities and organisations follow correct procedures. In the event of a breach, organisations must notify the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) within 72 hours.

How do I make a data protection claim?

Report your data breach to the company concerned in the first instance, informing them of any stress, embarrassment, distress and fears of psychological injury. Advise of any potential financial losses. From here, consider reporting to the ICO. Whilst they cannot award any compensation, request the opposing party to pay compensation or advise on claim value, it’s better to have a breach logged.

How much compensation will I receive?

You may be entitled to claim compensation for:

  • Misuse of private information
  • Loss of data control
  • Confidence breach
  • Distress
  • Human rights breach

Court settlements depend on claim circumstances. From minimal breaches resulting in £750.00 to £25,000 when stress and psychological injuries occur. As current legislation doesn’t stipulate how much compensation should be awarded, it’s our job to assess circumstances, calculate financial loss and consider effects and impact of the breach.

How long will my claim take?

Claims take on average six months to conclude. This is often longer , especially if psychological recovery is prolonged or financial consequences take time for full assessment. 

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