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Eric Watson Solicitor advocate and Director

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Areas of specialism: fraud, armed forces law, murder/manslaughter, sexual allegations

I am a solicitor and represent people accused of crime. Whether you are representing someone who has admitted the offence or someone who has been falsely accused, early preparation of the case is very important.  Disclosure requirements, witness identification and third party enquiries are essential preparatory steps to maximise the chances of a favourable outcome.

Ideally, I would rather meet with a client prior to the initial police interview. Words spoken (or not spoken) during a police interview dictate the direction and speed of the overall case. You place yourself at a significant disadvantage if you are questioned without the benefit of legal advice.  The road to acquittal is often a long and difficult one.  I firmly believe that effective and open communication between solicitor and client is the most important ingredient in a successful case.  Every person I work with is given my personal mobile number and I endeavour to make myself available 24/7 to those for whom I work.  I work nationwide and take on a limited number of cases at any one time to provide me with sufficient time to devote to each person.

List of notable cases:

R v B – Leeds Crown Court – one of two charged with conspiracy to murder his classmates and teachers in a ‘Columbine’ style massacre

R v T – Birmingham Crown Court – one of five charged with being a member of a terrorist organisation

R v G – Durham Crown Court – senior clergyman charged with multiple counts of rape spanning four decades

R v Q – Teesside Crown Court – case of dangerous driving discontinued following the exposure of provable lies by police.

R v M – secured the exoneration and return of property of a high ranking member of the armed forces alleged to have been in possession of illegal firearms and a large quantity of Nazi paraphernalia.

R v S – Teesside Crown Court – acquittal of a client accused of rape having exposed significant disclosure failings by the police.

R v C – Manchester Crown Court – making bomb threats at an airport

R v G – Newcastle Crown Court – acquittal of a client accused of conspiracy to supply cocaine

R v H – Nottingham Crown Court – represented a client accused of being part of a conspiracy to commit arson

R v R – Teesside Crown Court – represented a group of farmers accused of stealing a large number of sheep.

R v T – Teesside Crown Court – represented a child accused of killing a pedestrian whilst driving a stolen car.

R v O – Teesside Crown Court – murder of wife upon discovering her infidelity.

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