Housing Law

Housing Law

Posted : 19th August 2016


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Housing Solicitors

We are a dedicated team of experienced housing lawyers who can provide expert advice and representation to tenants and homeowners alike.

We know how serious housing issues such as threat of eviction or homelessness can have a severe negative effect on the general wellbeing of our clients. We have the experience to address your problems from a practical point of view, whilst offering an understandable break down of the law in language that you will understand – we do not use legal jargon.

We have vast experience in both negotiations with landlords and representation in the courts so that we will always provide our clients with advice that is fuelled with knowledge and passion.

We acknowledge that it is difficult for a tenant in arrears or one who is being harassed by their landlord to seek legal advice, but we are here to assure you that these things do happen and we have the power to help.

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Mortgage Repossession :

We have extensive experience with clients in mortgage arrears. We understand you may be embarrassed at the thought of having to speak to someone about this, but we are here to help.

If you can, approach us as soon as you fall into arrears; we can advise you on what the Court’s powers are should your lender issue possession proceedings.

Before possession proceedings have even been issued we can enter into negotiations with your lender in relation to mortgage payment holidays or converting your mortgage to interest only to make it more affordable. This is under a recent pre-action protocol which requires lenders to try to come to an agreement with borrowers before they issue proceedings to obtain possession of your home.

If you have been in arrears for some time, do contact us and we will advise you on your position and provide you with advice and assistance.

Rehousing :

If you are or will be homeless, you can approach our housing team for advice on the merits of making a homeless application to the local authority.

We can advise you on the likely outcome of any application and whether the local authority have a duty to put you in temporary accommodation until they have made their decision. If the local authority have refused to take a homeless application from you, we can challenge that too.

If you have already been through the homeless route and have received a negative decision in writing then you have a right to request a review of that decision and we can do this for you. We can also, depending on your personal circumstances, put forward arguments for you to be able to stay in temporary accommodation.

If the request for review is knocked back we can advise you on the merits of appealing their decision to the County Court.

If you are not homeless but are seeking clarification as to where you stand in respect of re-housing, then we could advise you in relation to whether you are able to get higher up the re-housing list. If there are circumstances relevant to your re-housing which the housing provider has not considered then we can fight for these to be considered in an attempt to increase your chances of being re-housed.

Rent Arrears:

If you are in rent arrears then we are able to advise you on where you stand and what you need to do to keep your home.

This is a worrying situation to be in and the more quickly you seek assistance, the sooner we can help you. We can negotiate with landlords both before and during legal proceedings, starting with first notification of the arrears right up to the eviction stage.

To make an appointment with one of our specialist legal team, ring us on 01642 247656 or contact us here.

Unlawful Eviction:

As a tenant in your own home, the law gives certain protection which means that your landlord cannot force you out of your home and cannot make your living conditions so terrible that you decide to leave.

We can help you to access the Courts to obtain an injunction to stop your landlord from interfering with your rights and to help you get back into your home.

We can also advise you on whether you would be entitled to damages as a result of your landlord’s actions.

To make an appointment with one of our specialist legal team, ring us on 01642 247656 or contact us here.


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