How is my Personal Injury Claim Valued?

How is my Personal Injury Claim Valued?

Posted : 5th May 2021

Putting Value to a Claim

The value of a Personal Injury claim is unfortunately something we are unable to accurately estimate. There are so many facets to compensation requiring consideration including ongoing symptoms and treatment. At Watson Woodhouse our specialist solicitors will base a claim valuation on medical evidence which we obtain later on in the claims process.

Claims Valuation Stage

Upon reaching the valuation stage of your stage we need to assess which type of award of damage is to be made. It is at this point we will discuss both General Damages and Special Damages with you.

General Damages

Q: What specifically are general damages?

A: Relating to injuries suffered as the direct result of an accident.

Q: How are general damages calculated?

A: Using the Judicial College Guidelines amounts are based upon specific injuries, severity and recovery time. In addition, records of previous similar cases are used as reference points.

Q: Will you provide some form of valuation?

A: We will present you with a valuation of both the lower and higher ends of your claim. Whilst this cannot be guaranteed, estimates are based upon past cases, your specific circumstances and our own knowledge.

Special Damages

Q: What are special damages?

A: These are the financial losses suffered as the result of an accident and include loss of income, travel expenses, medication and recuperation costs and more.

Should your injury lead to permanent damage such as a disability, future losses such as earnings will form the largest part of your claim.

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