Awaab’s Law: Compels Lan...

Awaab’s Law: Compels Landlords to Resolve Housing Disrepair

Posted : 12th January 2024

Proposed new legal changes, known as Awaab’s Law, would force landlords to promptly investigate housing disrepair issues within two weeks and start repairs within a further seven days.

In December 2020, two-year-old Awaab Ishak died from a respiratory condition after he was exposed to mould in his home in Rochdale. Awwab’s father, Faisal Abdullah, continued to raise concerns with Rochdale Boroughwide Housing but sadly no action was taken.

In June 2020, Mr Abdullah instructed solicitors and was undergoing a claim for the persistent mould problem. However, policy dictated that repairs would only begin after an agreement had been reached. The proposal would establish new timelines for addressing repairs in homes deemed unsafe.

Housing Secretary, Michael Gove, states “The tragic death of Awaab Ishak should never have happened. His family have shown courageous leadership, determination and dignity to champion these changes and now it’s time for us to deliver for them through Awaab’s Law.  
Today is about stronger and more robust action against social landlords who have refused to take their basic responsibilities seriously for far too long. We will force them to fix their homes within strict new time limits and take immediate action to tackle dangerous damp and mould to help prevent future tragedies.”

Faisal Abdullah, Awaab’s Father said “We hope that Awaab’s Law will stop any other family going through the pain that we went through. Landlords need to listen to the concerns of tenants and we support these proposals.”

Watson Woodhouse are here to help. If you are experiencing housing disrepair in your rented property, get in touch today.

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