Yousef Makki Inquest Timeline

Yousef Makki Inquest Timeline

Posted : 30th October 2023

In March 2019, Yousef Makki was killed by a single stab wound inflicted by Joshua Molnar, a friend, dubbed as a ‘rich kid’. The stabbing took place in the leafy suburb of Hale Barns, where Molnar lied to police in the aftermath of the stabbing, alleging the perpetrator had made off in a silver hatchback.

Molnar was later charged with the murder and manslaughter of Makki after his recollection of events was questioned by police alongside Adam Chowdhary who was also at the scene. Tragically for the family, Molnar was acquitted of murder and manslaughter, having relied upon an argument of self-defence and the charge against Chowdhary was dropped.

The case attracted significant media attention, which became the subject of a Channel 4 documentary, ‘Killed by a Rich Kid’ which follows the process of the criminal trial and the subsequent inquest proceedings.

In 2021, the family instructed solicitors Sarah Magson and Sarah Finney (Nee Hepple) at Watson Woodhouse to represent them at an inquest into Makki’s death. An inquest was heard by Alison Mutch, Senior Coroner for Greater Manchester South, in which she ruled out a finding of unlawful killing and accidental death. The Coroner instead returned a narrative conclusion that Makki died from “complications from a stab wound the precise circumstances of which cannot, on the balance of probabilities, be ascertained”.

The fight did not stop there for Yousef’s family. The family pressed on, asking for the decision to be judicially reviewed in the High Court.

The case was heard before Judges Lady Justice Macur and Mr Justice Fordham, who found that the Coroner had failed to adequately consider the evidence, including an omission of ‘any attempt to analyse the “precise sequence of events” immediately leading to the fatal stabbing’. The High Court also found that ‘there is no explanation of how HMSC’s findings of fact … were relevant to her ultimate determination of the stabbing, and in what respect.’ As such, both Judges agreed that the ‘internal consistency of the conclusion does not identify the ultimate conclusion as ‘Wednesbury reasonable’. Thus, her decision was found to have been so unreasonable, no other reasonable person could have made it. 

The conclusion of the first inquest was quashed and a new inquest was directed to take place before a different Coroner.

On the 16th of October 2023, the second inquest into the death of Yousef Makki commenced. Over three days, Coroner Mr Geraint Williams heard evidence from live witnesses and evidence was read onto the record pursuant to Rule 23 of the Coroner’s and Justice Act 2009. On 25th October the Coroner read his written findings and concluded that Yousef Makki was unlawfully killed:

“…in light of [Josha Molnar’s] dishonesty at the scene, his deliberate hiding of both of the knives in his possession, my finding that [Yousef Makki] did not threaten or attack [Joshua Molnar] with a knife – or at all … It follows that I also find that [Joshua Molnar’s] use of the knife was unnecessary, disproportionate and unreasonable in all of the circumstances… I conclude that he was not acting in lawful self-defence…I consider and find as a fact that what [Josha] Molnar did amounts to Manslaughter and therefore a conclusion that Mr Makki was unlawfully killed.”

Yousef’s sister, Jade Akoum, stated:

I finally feel like we can move on with our lives . . . I once thought that justice meant Joshua Molnar being imprisoned for the rest of his life . . . I now believe justice is what we have received here today and for him to have to live his life knowing forever that his actions took Yousef away from us from this world. We are pleased that the coroner recognised that Adam told lies and that he saw what happened. We just hope one day he will be brave enough to tell us what happened.”

She added, it was now “a matter for the police to decide if they do anything further”.

Yousef’s family have finally received justice for Yousef.

The journey that Yousef’s family has been on has been extremely difficult. With their determination and the support of our inquest team, we finally managed to seek the Justice that Yousef deserved.

Sarah Finney commented, “Shockingly, the family of Yousef Makki have been failed by the justice system many times before. While the family did find success following a Judicial Review at the High Court, they didn’t allow themselves to believe that the second, fresh inquest would be any different. At the second inquest, the Coroner heard of the many differing and inconsistent accounts given by Joshua Molnar throughout the proceedings. This included what he said at the scene to witnesses and the police, the criminal trial, the first inquest and even the second inquest. Similarly, the Coroner did not accept the evidence of Adam Chowdhary that he had not seen what had happened and found him to be an “unimpressive witness” and “his evidence in some part is not to be relied upon”. After nearly 4.5 years following Yousef’s death, Coroner Mr Geraint Williams concluded that Yousef Makki was unlawfully killed. The family, while still in shock, are overwhelmed by this result and at long last feel like justice has been served. It is clear that the family have acted with the up most dignity since Yousef’s passing and have fought for answers to honour his memory.”

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