Randox Testing Scandal

Randox Testing Scandal

Posted : 27th November 2017

In early February this year, reports of blood samples being manipulated by employees of
Manchester Randox Testing Services (RTS) started to hit the media. It was believed that about 484 samples that have been tested by the company might be unreliable, but now new reports are suggesting that another lab may be involved and that this figure could now be as high as 10,000 cases, 7,500 of these being driving offences.

The situation came to light when there was an internal investigation at the Manchester site, after reports of an anomaly being noticed in some of their test results. Following this investigation two employees were later arrested and bailed on the suspicion of preventing the course of justice. As the investigation goes on RTS have supplied both the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and Manchester Police with a list of cases that that could have been affected, the company are reported as being “fully co-operative.”

The main concern that the investigation has brought to light is that many convictions ranging from drug driving to murder, could have been wrongfully convicted. This means that innocent people could be victims of miscarriages of justice and be imprisoned for a crime they did not commit. Of the samples that have been tested up to now there does not seem to be any connection with the following crimes; Sexual offences, violence or homicide. However 2 cases of road deaths have been referred to the Court of Appeal. The list of cases that have been provided by RTS need to be reviewed and retested with appropriate action being taken after that. Even though all samples on this list will be retested, priority is given to the cases which are still ongoing or those who are serving a custodial sentence partially due to the blood sample evidence which was provided by RTS

The Home Secretary has been made aware of the investigation, which could spark a flood of compensation claims

We have already had one case reopened, which resulted in the conviction for drug driving being overturned, his sentence annulled and his driving licence returned to him.

If you believe you or a person you know may have been wrongfully convicted of a crime due to a positive reading of drugs then contact your solicitor or Watson Woodhouse Solicitors on 01642 247656 where we will write to the CPS and ask for your file to be reviewed.

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