The UK Housing crisis

The UK Housing crisis

Posted : 13th October 2017

The UK Housing crisis

This article has been published in response to the report on BBC news on 5th October 2017

It has been widely reported in the media again this week about the crisis in the UK’s housing market. The cost of ownership, lack of supply, growth of the buy-to-let sector and the impact of benefits capping are cited as reasons for the dramatic increases in evictions which have led to rises in temporary accommodation and the persistence of homelessness. Irrespective of the political considerations behind this issue, nobody can deny there is a problem. To compound this bleak picture, access to Housing legal advice is at an all-time low. Many private law firms across the country have terminated their legal aid Housing contracts in recent times as not-for-profit /charitable organisations have struggled to recruit the legal skills to fill this void.

Watson Woodhouse Solicitors have not turned their back on this issue. We aim to continue to provide access to legally aided advice to vulnerable people in as many areas of law as we can, including Housing. We see first-hand, the trauma that evictions can bring to people caught up in this crisis against a backdrop of challenging economic times, particularly affecting the North of the UK.

If you are facing eviction or if you believe your landlord is causing distress to your health by failing to maintain your home to an adequate standard, help might be available through our Housing legal aid service. Please contact us now to speak to one of our specialist Housing lawyers who will discuss your case with you to explore how we might be able to help you and whether you will qualify for public funding.

Watson Woodhouse Solicitors are the only law firm that serves clients through the Housing Possession Court Duty Scheme on Teesside, providing “safety net” legal representation for those who face an eviction Court hearing. Despite legal aid cuts Watson Woodhouse continue to provide this service (at a loss) to serve people across Teesside who might otherwise not get the legal advice they need.

Sarah Magson is the Head of Civil Law at Watson Woodhouse, she regularly represents clients facing eviction in court. Sarah commented “Housing issues are a real problem for Teesside, which suffers with quality and quantity of provision. Most people are aware of the economic challenges in our region and it is really easy for individuals and families to find themselves in trouble if they get behind on their rent or mortgage payments. We are proud to operate our Housing legal service and believe we have some of the best Housing lawyers in the North East.”

If you think we can help you, please contact us now on 01642 247656.

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