Shoulder Injury

Shoulder Injury

Shoulder injury severity

Effect on person

Estimated Compensation

Severe shoulder injury

Associated neck injuries, significant disability or restricted function

£16,060 - £40,150

Serious shoulder injury

Dislocation of shoulder leading to restricted joint movement and possible pain in neck, arms and hands

£10,670 - £16,060

Moderate shoulder injuries

Frozen shoulder, movement limited

£6,600 - £10,670

Minor shoulder injuries

Soft tissue injury with considerable pain but almost complete recovery:
In less than two years
Within a year
Within three months

Up to £5,150

£3,630 - £6,600
£2,050 - £3,630
A few hundred pounds - £2,050

Fractured Clavicle

Dependent on extent of fracture

£3,400 – £8,000