The Caution

The Caution

It is important that you understand the significance of The Caution when you are arrested. Our experienced solicitors understand that while you are being arrested you may not fully understand what is being said to you in the form of The Caution. It can be a stressful and alarming time so we will seek to ensure from the outset that you understand its significance on both you and your case.

The Caution is:

“You do not have to say anything. But, it may harm your defence if you do not mention, when questioned, something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence.”

The Caution is like a warning which is there to inform you of the potential consequences of answering questions or remaining silent following your arrest. It is informing you of your right to not say anything but it is also warning you that if you choose not to answer questions or say something in court that you did not say in interview, the court could draw their own conclusions as to why you did this and that may harm your defence case. It goes on to inform you that anything you say may be used in evidence by the prosecution in court if your case goes to trial.

Ask us to represent you when the police speak to you so that we can advise you on your best course of action while being questioned. We will listen to your side of the story and what the police have to say in coming to a decision about how you should answer questions to best strengthen your defence.

Why use a solicitor?

  • A solicitor will ensure that you know your legal rights.
  • They will make sure that you understand the significance of the Caution.

Why Watson Woodhouse?

  • Our specialist police station representatives have a huge amount of experience defending people.
  • We will be able to advise you on the significance of the Caution and what it means for you.

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