Prison Law

Prison Law

Posted : 2nd February 2017


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Prison Law

We have an excellent prison law team who are well respected and sensitive to the problems faced by our clients. We always resolve issues as quickly as possible. Individuals in custody and their family members face an overwhelmingly stressful and uncertain time. Our aim is to always to deal with the issues faced by clients thoroughly and efficiently such as during the parole process, sentence planning and Security Category Reviews. The prison law team offer advice, support and expertise when it is needed.

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Lisa Carney


Lisa Carney
Prison Law Specialist

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Areas of specialism

  • Sentence planning and advice
  • Parole board representation
  • Recalls to custody
  • Category A representation
  • Advice on re-categorisation
  • Minimum term representation
  • Adjudications (hearings for alleged breaches of prison rules)
  • Judicial review

Know your rights

Those who are subject to a sentence of imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP) will need to fight for the right to Parole. If someone in your family is in the situation they will need advice from the best lawyers. Contact us now on 01642 247656 to speak to our Prison Law team.

Sentencing issues

Sometimes the sentence handed down by the Court is not what appears on the prison’s record. If you think the sentence is wrong you can challenge it.

Legal Aid

Legal Aid (subject to a means test) may be available so that you will not have to pay for advice. If you are not eligible for Legal Aid there are private payment options that can be discussed.

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