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How Much Does it Cost to Claim for a Personal Injury?

Posted : 5th May 2021

What is a Personal Injury?

The term Personal Injury is well-known, legal terminology with a clear and concise definition.

“Personal Injury is the result of negligence, inattention or the improper conduct of another person. Results include injury to the body, mind or emotions due to such failure”.

Quashing the Legal Fee Myths

Unfortunately there’s numerous factors stopping individual’s pursuing a PI claim.

Cost remains the biggest worry for many people. At Watson Woodhouse we work on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. In its simplest terms, this literally means, should your case not be successful, you pay £0. Our personal injury solicitors have extremely high win rates. The amount you’ll pay is based on a percentage of your award.

Going to court, whilst not a myth, happens in only 5% of claims. Such cases are usually highly complex.

Winning a PI Claim

Prior to agreeing to pursue a personal injury claim, your solicitor will fully explain the process including fees. Together you’ll discuss a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). This agreement states that upon success of your claim, a percentage of this is to pay for fees. The amount is percentage based and whilst often less, it will rarely exceed 25%. 

Losing a PI Claim

At Watson Woodhouse we take on cases we’re confident of winning. In the unlikely event compensation isn’t awarded, clients are not at liberty to pay any legal fees due to the terms and conditions as set out in the pre-discussed CFA.

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