Compensation Claims After a Fa...

Compensation Claims After a Fatal Accident

Posted : 5th May 2021

Claims Following a Fatality

It is with our deepest regret you’re reading this page and we truly wish there was something we could offer to alleviate the grief you’re experiencing. We’re here to provide you with the solid experience of a specialist solicitor, adept at winning fatal accident compensation claims. Whilst this could never make up for your loss, it will help towards making the financial aspects of your life easier. 

The Role of Your Solicitor

In the case of a fatal injury claim it’s your solicitor’s job to prove the defendant legally caused death or made a material contribution. Your solicitor will liaise directly with the insurance company who are representing the defendants whilst keeping you informed at every stage.

Who is Entitled to Claim After a Fatality?

Those able to claim fall into a wide and varied categories:

  • Spouses
  • Civil Partners
  • Former Civil Partners
  • Majority of Family Members
  • Children of the Deceased
  • A Person Living with the Deceased for 2 Years Prior to Death

To move forwards with a claim, dependents are required to evidence the financial loss suffered due to the situation upon death. Should you have reasonable expectation to be in receipt of a future benefit from the deceased, please discuss this with your solicitor.  

Available Fatality Compensation

Claims can be made for bereavement damages and funeral costs. You may wish to pursue compensation for any pain, suffering and loss of amenity experienced alongside dependency. In addition, damage to property and personal effects can be added to your application. Finally, should death have occurred due to criminal activity we will include this.

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