Claiming Compensation for Ampu...

Claiming Compensation for Amputation Due to a Workplace Accident

Posted : 5th May 2021

Amputation; A Life Changing Injury

Firstly, if you’re reading this article we’d like to start by offering empathy. We understand how amputation due to a workplace accident changes everything in your life. At Watson Woodhouse Solicitors we appreciate the physical and emotional challenges you’re facing due to catastrophic injury and we’re here to help and advise. 

Speak With a Specialist Solicitor

The road to compensation begins by speaking with a specialist Personal Injury Solicitor. An initial consultation is free at Watson Woodhouse. Moving forwards we work on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. Whilst winning compensation won’t alter your situation, the financial burden is eliminated, leaving you to concentrate on the recovery process.

Please Note: Even if some of the blame falls to yourself, you could still make a claim.

The Role of Your Solicitor

Should you choose to move forwards with a compensation claim for amputation, you’ll build a strong relationship with your solicitor. Their job is to prove negligence on behalf of the organisation or company that failed in taking both reasonable and necessary health and safety measures.  

Receiving an Award For Amputation

Unfortunately, due to a myriad of reasons compensation claims can take some time to conclude. We will gather every essential piece of evidence required to proceed and keep you informed at every stage. On occasion, liability is admitted early. In this case you may be eligible to receive private rehabilitation and treatment, paid for by the defendant’s insurer. This may also include any help you require to retrain for employment purposes.

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