As a Cyclist Hit by a Car Door...

As a Cyclist Hit by a Car Door, can I Claim Compensation?

Posted : 5th May 2021

Hit by a Car Door? Who’s Responsible?

It is the responsibility of both drivers and passengers to execute the safe opening of a car door. Part of Highway Code Rule 239 states the following:

“You MUST ensure you do not hit anyone when you open your door. Check for cyclists or other traffic”.

Highway Code

In essence, as a cyclist, you are not at fault and could potentially pursue a cycle accident claim.

Am I Able to Claim Compensation?

If you have been struck by a car door opening, you potentially could make a claim for compensation for any pain and/or suffering experienced. It may even be possible to include loss of earnings within a claim if injury prevents you from working. Start by discussing your accident with a specialist Personal Injury Solicitor.

I Wasn’t Wearing Reflective Clothing or Using Lights

As mentioned above, the opening of car doors ultimately falls to drivers and passengers. It’s wholly their responsibility to take reasonable care to look before opening. The following factors, known as contributory negligence may reduce a percentage of the amount of compensation you’ll receive:

  • If you weren’t wearing reflective clothing
  • If you weren’t equipped with the relevant lights
  • Reduced visibility due to weather conditions

I was Very Close to the Vehicle When the Door Opened. Can I Still Claim?

Yes absolutely. It’s important to reiterate again how the responsibility of vehicle doors comes down to its driver and passengers. This remains the case, even if you were riding on the pavement.

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