Leg Injury

Leg injury

Injury severity

Estimated Compensation

Total loss of both legs

£201,300 - £235,790

Amputation of both legs below the knee

£168,520 - £225,830

Amputation of one leg above the knee

£87,670 - £114,950

Amputation of one leg below the knee

£81,920 - £111,180

Less serious leg injuries

Estimated compensation

Fractures from which an incomplete recovery is made or serious soft tissue injuries.

£15,020 - £23,210

Simple fracture of a Femur with no damage to articular surfaces

£7,620 - £11,770

Simple fractures to Tibia and Fibula or soft

Up to £9,900

Tissue injuries  
Severe Leg injuries Estimated compensation

The most serious injuries short of amputation

This includes: extensive degloving of the leg, where the gross shortening of the leg or where fractures have not united and extensive bone grafting is undertaken.

£80,470 - £113,580

Very serious

Permanent problems with mobility, the need for crutches or mobility aids for the remainder of the injured person's life. Injuries where multiple fractures have taken years to heal, required extensive treatment and have led to serious deformity and limitation of movement, or where arthritis has developed in a joint so further surgical treatment is likely.

£45,840 - £113,580


Compound or comminuted fractures or injuries to joints or ligaments resulting instability, pro-longed treatment, non-weight bearing, certainty of arthritis, extensive scarring.

£32,780 - £45,840


Complicated / multiple fractures, severe crushing injuries generally to a single limb.

£23,210 - £32,780
Knee injury

Knee injury severity

Effect on person

Estimated Compensation

Very severe knee injury

Significant damage joint and ligaments, prolonged treatment and surgery required, injury leads to disability

£58,300 - £80,440

Severe knee injuries

Leg fracture impedes on knee joint causing significant pain and discomfort, limited function of joint impairing mobility

£43,490 - £58,300

Less severe knee injury

Possible long term moderate disability with possible recurring pain, mobility and stability impaired

£21,890 - £36,300

Moderate injury

Torn cartilage, minor ligament damage or dislocation, possible minor future disability

£12,400 - £21,890

Moderate injuries

Significant bruising or twisting, possible minor cartilage damage or dislocation with full recovery

Up to £11,500