Hand Injury

Hand Finger injuries

Injury severity

Effect on person

Estimated Compensation

Vibration white finger

Dependent on severity

Up to £32,120

Severe finger fractures

Possible amputation, disfigurement and reduced function of the hand

Up to £30,720

Complete loss of index finger


In the region of £15,680

Partial loss to index finger

Bracket covers cases of injury to the index finger giving rise to disfigurement and impairment of grip or dexterity

£10,180 to £15,680

Fractured index finger

Complete or near complete recovery made quickly with possible slight recurring pain

£7,620 - £10,230

Total loss of middle finger


In the region of £13,060

Severe injury to middle or ring fingers

Fractures or soft tissue injury causing stiffness, permanent impaired function and possible cosmetic disfigurement

£12,430 - £13,670

Loss of Terminal Phalanx of the Ring or Middle fingers


£3,300 - £6,600

Amputation of little finger


£7,230 - £10,230

Partial loss of the little finger


£3,300 - £4,900

Amputation of little and ring fingers


In the region of £18,260

Amputation of the Terminal Phalanges of the index and middle fingers


In the region of £20,900

Fracture of a single finger


Up to £3,960

Thumb injury

Injury severity

Effect on person

Estimated Compensation

Loss of thumb


£29,700 - £45,840

Very severe injury to thumb

Thumb is severed with significantly reduced functionality and possible cosmetic disfigurement

£16,390 - £29,260


Possible partial amputation of the tip and significant disfigurement, reduced functionality and possible nerve damage

£10,530 - £14,030


Damage to tendons or nerves causing loss of function, possible minor cosmetic disfigurement

£8,090 - £10,530

Serious dislocation of the thumb


£3,300 - £5,670


Simple fracture or minor injury with quick recovery and only minor permanent effects

Up to £3,300

Hand injury
Injury severity Effect on person Estimated Compensation
Total loss of both hands   £117,700 - £168,520
Serious damage to both hands   £46,480 - £70,700
Total or effective loss of one hand   £80,410 - £91,660
Amputation of index and middle and/or ring fingers Rendered of little use and such grip as remains extremely weak £51,760 - £75,900
Serious hand injuries   £24,260 - £51,760
Less serious hand injury Severe crush injury resulting in significantly impaired function without future surgery £12,100 - £24,260
Moderate hand injury

Minor crush injuries with full recovery within months

£4,510 - £11,110
Wrist injury

Wrist injury severity

Effect on person

Estimated Compensation

Very severe

Complete loss of function in the wrist

£39,820 - £50,050


Lasting disability in the wrist but some function remains

£20,490 - £32,780


Some lasting effects such as recurring pain or stiffness in the wrist

£10,530 - £20,490


Fracture or soft tissue injury with full recovery made or expected

Rarely exceed £8,580


An uncomplicated Colles’ fracture

In the region of £6,220