Ankle Injury

Achilles tendon injury

Achilles tendon injury severity

Effect on person

Estimated Compensation

Most serious

Severed tendon and muscle, limited ankle movement. Participation in many activities must be stopped

In the region of £32,120


Damage to tendon repaired but with permanent limited function of the ankle and possible scarring

£20,900 - £25,160


Damage to tendon with little or no permanent effect on ankle function

£10,530 - £17,600


Ankle sprain with minor damage to Achilles tendon

£6,080 - £10,530

Ankle injury severity

Ankle injury severity

Effect on person

Estimated Compensation

Very severe ankle injury

Serious fractures with significant soft tissue damage, possible disfigurement and significant vulnerability to future injury/td>

£41,860 - £58,300

Severe ankle injury

Injuries require prolonged treatment, limit mobility and stability and cause significant discomfort with recurring pains

£26,180 - £41,860

Moderate ankle injury

Fracture and ligament damage causing minor disability and minor scarring

£11,500 - £22,220

Moderate ankle injuries

Simple fractures, sprains and minor ligament damage with complete or near complete recovery made in reasonable length of time

Up to £11,500